Street lamp galvanized anti-corrosion workshop

Welcome to our street lamp galvanizing and painting workshop! We are a professional factory dedicated to producing durable and aesthetically pleasing street lamps while ensuring product quality.

Firstly, let us introduce our equipment. We have a hot-dip galvanizing facility for treating the metal components of the street lamps. Hot-dip galvanizing is a commonly used method for corrosion protection, effectively preventing metal corrosion and extending the lifespan of the street lamps.

Additionally, we have an automatic painting assembly line for painting the galvanized street lamps. Painting not only enhances the appearance of the lamps but also provides an additional protective layer, making the lamps more durable. Our painting assembly line ensures efficient painting operations, ensuring consistent painting quality.

Furthermore, we have a spray plastic drying oven for drying and curing the painted street lamps. Through the drying process, the paint adheres better to the surface of the lamps, providing improved protection and durability.

In our workshop, we emphasize quality control at every stage. We strictly follow the relevant galvanizing and painting processes to ensure that each street lamp undergoes meticulous treatment and inspection.

In addition to the equipment, our workshop is staffed with experienced workers and technicians. They are skilled in operating various equipment and possess specialized knowledge in galvanizing and painting, ensuring the quality and appearance of the street lamps.

In conclusion, our street lamp galvanizing and painting workshop is equipped with advanced equipment and a professional team dedicated to providing durable and aesthetically pleasing street lamp products. We will continue to improve and innovate to meet customer needs and contribute to the urban lighting industry. Thank you for your attention!

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