street lamp workshop

Welcome to our street lamp production workshop! We are a professional factory dedicated to producing high-quality street lamps, equipped with advanced equipment and technology.

Firstly, let us introduce our equipment. Our workshop is equipped with large gantry cranes, which are used for handling and installing heavy materials, ensuring smooth production processes. The large shearing machine and punching machine are used for cutting and punching metal sheets, ensuring precise dimensions and hole positions of the street lamps.

We also have a bending machine for shaping metal sheets into the required forms, ensuring the perfect appearance and structure of the street lamps. Our line cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, and laser cutting machine are essential tools for accurately cutting metal sheets to meet different shapes and sizes of street lamps.

In addition, we have introduced a fully automatic submerged arc welding machine, which is used for automated welding of various components of the street lamps, ensuring welding quality and efficiency. These equipment enable us to efficiently produce various types and specifications of street lamps.

Apart from the equipment, our workshop is staffed with professional technicians and workers. They are experienced and skilled in operating various equipment, and strictly follow quality standards for production to ensure that each street lamp meets customers’ requirements and expectations.

In our workshop, we emphasize quality control and production efficiency. We implement strict inspection and testing procedures to ensure that each street lamp undergoes rigorous quality checks, guaranteeing product reliability and durability.

In conclusion, our street lamp production workshop is equipped with advanced equipment and a professional team dedicated to providing high-quality street lamp products. We will continue to innovate and improve to meet customers’ needs and contribute to the urban lighting industry. Thank you for your attention!

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